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How People in US Shop on Their Phones, 2016 | Think With Google

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Not a few percentages of online shoppers who depend mainly on mobile phones to make their shopping experience easier (and cheaper). Results showed that people use their phones for shopping to browse products and find discounts and deals.

Read the below points and find out more about how people shop on their phones:

  • Roughly 6 in 10 of smartphone owners use their device for shopping-related activities. 66% of them shop at least weekly.
  • Browsing (68%), looking for discounts/offers (61%) and comparing prices (55%) are the top 3 shopping activities have done over the 30 days before the survey.
  • Apparel is the most common category shopped on phones (70%), followed by electronics (51%) and skin care & cosmetics (30%).
  • 51% of people use their smartphones in-store to compare prices, 43% to browse or look for products, and 42% to look for discounts or offers.
  • People are more likely to browse app stores (42%) and ask their friends and family (40%) in order to discover new shopping apps.
  • People download shopping apps to access discounts or offers (49%), complete a purchase (37%), and get a reward for downloading the app (34%).
  • Only 26% of people have paid to download a shopping app. 39% of them do so to show reviews.
  • The vast majority of smartphones shoppers (91%) find shopping notifications on mobile “useful”.
How People Shop on Their Phones, October 2016 Think With Google

A Graph Shows Where US Shoppers Browse for Products in 2016


Data were driven from 500 – per vertical – of smartphone users in the US, aged 18-64, who used a smartphone for shopping in the previous month.

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