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By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time data hyper-personalization delivers more relevant content, product, and service information to each user. Ascend2 surveyed over 140 marketing influencers to take a deep look at their future hyper-personalization strategies.

Key Findings of the Hyper-Personalization Strategies Survey:

  • Just 9% of marketing influencers have completed the development of a hyper-personalization strategy.
  • Improving the customer experience (60%) and applying data insights to decision-making (51%) are top priorities for marketing influencers.
  • Half of the marketing influencers consider developing a hyper-personalization strategy somewhat successful.
  • Applying data insights to decision-making is the top barrier to the success of a hyper-personalization strategy.
The top challenging barrier to the success of a hyper-personalization strategy in 2018

A Figure Shows the top Challenging Barrier to the Success of a Hyper-personalization Strategy in 2018

Content of the “2018 Hyper-Personalization Strategies” Report:

  • Hyper-Personalization Strategies
  • Developing a Strategy
  • Top Priorities
  • Strategic Success
  • Barriers to Success
  • Strategic Deployment Resources
  • Priorities Versus Barriers
  • Most Effective Apps
  • How Effectiveness is Changing
  • Most Difficult Apps
  • Effectiveness Versus Difficulty
  • About Ascend2 Research-Based Marketing
  • Ascend2 Research Partner Programs

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Data were driven from 143 marketing influencers. The survey was conducted during the week of November 26, 2018. 35% of respondents work for large businesses, 28% work for medium businesses, and 37% work for small businesses.


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