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Infographic: 10 Things to Know About the Mobile-Only Consumer, 2018 | GlobalWebIndex

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The Mobile-Only internet users are defined as those who only access the internet via a smartphone or feature phone. They represent 16% of the global online population. GlobalWebIndex dug deeper into this segment in a way to define their characteristics and behaviors that make them unique. Hence the findings came to say the following insights into mobile-only consumer worldwide:

Which Regions Rank Highest?

  • The vast majority (44%) of mobile-only internet users are located in the Middle East and Africa region.
  • The Asia Pacific is the second largest region with a rate of 18%, followed by Latin America (11%).

Which Countries Rank Highest?

  • African countries dominate the top-ranked countries with the highest rates of mobile-only internet users – Morocco (65%), Nigeria (60%), Kenya (60%) and Ghana (58%).
  • In contrast, France (4%), Italy (4%) the UK (4%), Spain (3%) and Germany (3%) are the lowest countries.

Which Brands Dominate in Each Region?

  • Samsung is the top-ranked mobile brand in almost all regions. It reached its highest rates in Latin America (37%) and Europe (36%).
  • It is not the same in North America where iPhone tops all other mobile brands with a rate of 43%.

How Do Mobile-Only Consumers Engage With Brands?

  • Mobile-only internet users are less likely to engage with brands on social media, while they’re more likely to visit a brand’s website.
  • In contrast, mobile-only internet users are more likely to use social networks to look for more information about brands/products/services online than using search engines (43% vs. 40%).
Infographic: 10 Things to Know About the Mobile-Only Consumer, 2018 | GlobalWebIndex 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Map Shows the Proportion of Internet Users Who Are Mobile-only Consumers By Region in 2018


Data were driven from 13,131 Mobile-Only internet users aged 16-64 in 44 countries. All respondents in Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria took the survey on a mobile.


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