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Infographic: 12 Trends of Holiday Shopping, Dec 2016 | Market Track

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Christmas Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. all of these are days provide marketers with golden opportunities to increase their sales. To cut through the noise during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, marketers need to slow down and take some precautions before shopping online.

Read the below 12 trends written below and gain awareness of shopping in holidays:

  1. One-third of shoppers surveyed made their first-holiday purchase before November month.
  2. Shoppers used various resources to find Black Friday deals but circulars topped all these resources with a rate of 48%. This followed by retailers websites (33%), email promotions (27%) and TV commercials (25%).
  3. 55% of shoppers have completed less than half of their holiday shopping.
  4. 35% reported that they have made a holiday purchase on their mobile phones.
  5. Consumer claimed that on Cyber Monday the best deals could be found online, while on Black Friday could be in-stores.
  6. One-third of shoppers cited that they have spent half or more of their holiday budget on Amazon.
  7. Roughly 1 in 4 went shopping in-store on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, while 40% shopped online on Cyber Monday.
  8. 54% cited that they started their search on Amazon when they intended to make an online purchase.
  9. 55% indicated that they compared prices online before going in-store.
  10. 35% reported that they use social media for holiday shopping and 20% use it for researching gift ideas.
  11. 68% have subscribed to 3 or more retailers for email promotions and 48% feel they receive too many emails from retailers during the holiday season.
  12. Finally, 52% of shopper surveyed plan to do the rest of their holiday shopping in-store.
Infographic 12 Trends of Holiday Shopping, 2016 Market Track

Graph Shows Resources where Consumers Find Black Friday Deals, 2017


Data were driven from 1,000 consumers.


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