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Infographic: Grocery Shopping Trends During Ramadan, ME 2017 | PayFort

Shopping Seasons | Middle East

During the holy month of Ramadan, consumers behavior – across the Middle East – impacts the grocery shopping. if your business operates in the food industry, those trends compiling data from a range of sources, Covering everything from consumer price expectations to what discounts targeted shoppers will be looking for, it will be useful for the marketers.

Check this capsule for a brief In anticipation for Ramadan:

  • Consumers expect to spend over than 50% more on Goods & services.
  • Groceries make up 22% of the monthly budget, while Services make up 14% of the monthly budget.
  • Dates sales increases by 73%, Yogurt increases by 61%, Beverages increases by 53%, milk increases by 62%.
  • Online Shopping jumps to 110% in the lead up to Ramadan.
How Does The Middle East Like to Break Their Fast.

                  A Figure Shows How Does The Middle East Like to Break Their Fast.


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