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Know Your Customer: UK Shopper Survey 2018 |

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A recent survey conducted by on 1,500 UK shoppers demonstrated the shopping behaviour of all generations to gain a better understanding of how they shop, how they feel when shopping, how long they spend shopping, what influences their perception of brands, and how they like to pay. Take a glimpse at the top line findings:

How Generation Y and Generation Z (16-29 Years) Shop Online

  • 75% of Gen Y & Gen Z reported that they feel guilty after making the decision to buy something.
  • 56% of Gen Y & Z shoppers read online reviews when deciding whether to buy something, while 34% prefer to ask friends or family for their opinion and 16% browse social media brand’s page.
  • These two generations are more likely than any other generation to try the product out in store with a rate of 29%.
  • In terms of the role of social media, 61% claimed that they bought things they see advertised on social media, while 51% of them would like to be able to buy directly from social media platforms.
  • Facebook (69%), Instagram (56%), Snapchat (21%), Pinterest (19%) and Twitter (18%) are the top platforms that Gen Y & Z would like to be able to buy directly from.
  • Credit card is the most preferred payment method for these two generations with a rate of 84%, followed far by Apple Pay (25%), Google Pay (16%) or Samsung Pay (9%).

How Millennials and Gen X (30-44 Years) Shop Online

  • 66% of shoppers aged 30-44 years old reported that they feel guilty after making the decision to buy something.
  • 58% of shoppers aged 30-44 years reported that they read online reviews to find the best product for them.
  • Just 52% of them indicated that they’ll buy things after they’ve seen them advertised on social media and 52% of them want to buy directly from those platforms.
  • Facebook (82%) is the top platform they would like to be able to buy directly from, followed far by Instagram (40%) and Twitter (23%).
  • Online shoppers in the UK aged 30-44 years are more likely to use credit or debit card (82%). Just 17% prefer to pay with Apple Pay and 13% prefer to pay with Google Pay.
Know Your Customer: UK Shopper Survey 2018 | 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A New Survey on UK Online Shopper – 2018


Data is based on 1500 UK shoppers.

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