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Shoppers in the US spend billions on fertilizer, lawn mowers, weed-killer, and all the other kit necessary to create and maintain a beautiful yard/garden.

Lawn and garden season is about to bloom. Soon, U.S. gardens will be full of sweet-smelling flowers; yards will be full of green and fresh grass. In turn. lawn and garden retailers are preparing for their high season to be full of purchase-minded shoppers.

In this regard, Field Agent surveyed over 1,000 homeowners across the USA to understand their Lawn and Garden activities, shopping, as well as spending.

Sprout your upcoming lawn and garden marketing strategy with insights into lawn and garden shoppers, including lawn care activity and spending by region, shoppers’ top considerations when buying lawn and garden products, the most popular retail channels for lawn and garden purchases, and Americans’ likes and dislikes toward lawn and garden shopping.

Key Insights Into “Lawn & Garden Shopping in the USA, 2019”:

  • The vast majority of Americans do their lawn and garden by themselves, while only 9% use commercial services to do so.
  • Americans spend the most on mulch/Rock/Soil and plants/flowers.
  • Nearly 6 out of 10 plan to spend more on their lawn and garden than the last year.
  • 24% of Americans plan to shop for lawn and garden shopping online or in-app
  • Home improvement centers (e.g., Home Depot) tops all retailers that Americans use to purchase lawn and garden products.
The Most Prevalent Retail Channels for Lawn and Garden Purchases in the USA in 2019

The Most Prevalent Retail Channels for Lawn and Garden Purchases in the USA – 2019 Data

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Data is based on a sample of 1,182 homeowners in the USA. 66% of respondents are females and 34% are males. Most of the respondents have an annual income above $35,000. The study conducted between Feb. 1, 2018, to Feb. 4, 2018.

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