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The 2017 Marketing Measurement and Attribution | Demand Gen Report

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Marketing measurement is the top priority for B2B marketers organizations, but there are major gaps in the current capabilities versus the desired state of where organizations are trying to reach in analyzing marketing.

Check the below insights to gain information about the challenges marketers are facing around the marketing measurement and analytics which will leverage in the future:

  • 40% of the sample realized that their current ability to measure and analyze performance is lack & needs improvement, while 36% think it is average, only 13% ranking it as excellent and 9% rate it as poor or inadequate.
  • 72% of respondents want deeper metrics to show the impact on pipeline & revenue and 68% to show ROI from all investments.
  • 70% of respondents are reporting marketing results using their CRM systems, 68% are using web analytics reports and 51% are still generating reports manually with Excel-based reporting.
  • Top responses to the data being tracked included: 95% tracking web traffic, 94% measuring email click-through rates & open rates and 86% measure contact acquisition/form completions.
  • 66% are using ROI channel metrics to analyze and report on, 51% are using customer acquisition costs.
What Are The Drivers That Increases The Focus on Deeper Metrics.

                      A Graph Shows What Are The Drivers That Increases The Focus on Deeper Metrics.


Data were driven from 173 B2B marketing executives during April 2017 month, 46% of the responses are from companies having $50 million or more and 18% are from companies having $500 million or more.  A third of the sample were directors, another third were managers and the rest were from the C-level, VP & others.

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