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Masterindex 2017: Pan-European E-Commerce & New Payment Trends | Mastercard

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The overall engagement of European consumers online is strong and they are willing and able to shop online both domestically and abroad. This points to tremendous growth potential for e-commerce in Europe.

To gain insights into the state of e-commerce in over 20 countries across the European Economic Area (EEA), read the points below:

  • 25% of European internet users shop online once a week, over 60% shop online once a month, and 90% do so at least once a year.
  • Poland comes at the top of the daily use of online sites with a rate of 9% while the United Kingdom comes at the top of the weekly use of online sites with a rate of 41%.
  • Fraud and control are the main concerns preventing European consumers from paying online for over half of European online shoppers.
  • Clothing and footwear, tickets, electronics, and books are the most purchased products online in Europe.
  • 41% of European online buyers purchasing products online from abroad at least once a year with nearly 2 out of 3 European online buyers have bought cross-border at least once in their life.
  • In terms of payment methods, cards and online banking are the most used form of online payment from mobiles.
  • Almost one-half of European online shoppers use online banking payment when making purchases from a PC/laptop.
Masterindex 2017 Pan-European E-Commerce and New Payment Trends Mastercard

A Graph Shows The Top Countries That Use Online Sites Daily.


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