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COVID-19 has made a lot of changes worldwide. This report places the light on the post-COVID-19 new consumer mindset. The report covers the following aspects of the new consumer mindset:

  • Tightened pursestrings
  • Data for good
  • Exclusivity excluded
  • Life in the slow lane
  • Reduced horizons

Without further ado, let’s check the information about the new consumer mindset post-COVID-19 pandemic.

The New Consumer Mindset: Data for Good

GlobalWebIndex has observed a consistent trend of consumers since 2013. However, as of Q1 2020, this has suddenly dropped and especially in the countries which are affected by coronavirus early on.

The figure below shows the difference in the personal data concerns and the percentage change since Q4 2019 the personal data concerns are down.

The New Consumer Mindset Report 2020 | DMC

  • In Italy, people who are concerned about the internet eroding personal privacy are -4. On the other side, the percentage is -5% when it comes to people who worry about their personal data being used by companies.
  • Moreover, in China, -8% are concerned about the internet eroding personal privacy. However, there are -7% who worry about their personal data being used by companies.

Life in The Slow Lane:

Data shows that people sleep longer during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a profound change and it is a great shift in our sleep patterns.

The number of consumers who spend more time cooking has increased by 8% since the first wave of COVID-19 research by GlobalWebIndex- the number of spending more time on apps has decreased by 15%.

The figure below shows free time and screen fatigue which creates space for offline activities and the change since Q4 2019.

The New Consumer Mindset Report 2020 | DMC


The Table of Content of “The New Consumer Mindset Report”:

  • Introduction
  • The new normal
  • Data for good
  • Exclusivity excluded
  • Life in the slow lane
  • Tightened pursestrings
  • Reduced horizons
  • Notes on Methodology
  • More from GlobalWebIndex

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All figures in this report are drawn from GlobalWebIndex’s online research among internet users aged 16-64. We only interview respondents aged 16-64 and our figures are representative of the online populations of each market, not its total population. Note that in many markets in Latin America, the Middle-East and Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region, low internet penetration rates can mean online populations are more young, urban, affluent, and educated than the total population. Figures in this report are drawn from a mix of our ongoing quarterly global Core research among 688,000 internet users aged 16-64 worldwide, and our custom recontact study focusing on COVID-19 fielded in 17 countries between April 22 – 27


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