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E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market segment in Europe. With non-ending changes in the shoppers’ habits, the retailers’ task becomes hard in front of the shoppers’ expectations.

To stand out on the latest Europe online shopping trends, habits and challenges, check the below findings:

General Online Shopping Habits & Trends:

  • Third of the respondents purchased something online every month followed by 27% who purchased once a week at least.
  • Weekly online shoppers (who shopped once a week or more) are aged 54 and less, but the majority of them are from the young people who are aged in-between 25 to 34 years with representing 39%.
  • Laptop & desktop are the most used devices for researching (64%), browsing & comparing products (67%) and purchasing actions (75%).
  • Nearly 3 quarters of the respondents prefer to research online and pick up in store. With two-thirds of those prefer to see/touch and/or try on the product to ensure its quality.
  • The most popular categories frequently bought online are fashion clothing & accessories (67%) followed by electronics (62%), entertainment (59%) and holidays/travel (55%).
  • Convenience ranked at the top reasons for online shopping appeals at a rate of 65%, followed by quickly comparing products and prices at a rate of 59%.
  • Easy to use/navigate (73%) and fast (65%) were the top ranked terms for the UX (user experience) favorite websites.
  • 84% of respondents cited they would accept a poor shopping experience 3 times before losing their loyalty, compared to 35% think that one bad experience would cause them to be disloyal.

Online Shopping Features in Selected Countries:

  •  The highest weekly online shopping rate was in the UK (35%) while The lowest rate was in Nordics at just 15%.
  • Germany shoppers spend – per month – the most amount (€97,67 per month) compared to Benelux shoppers which spends the lowest amount (€73,39 per month).
  • Germany shoppers are most likely to purchase online electronics (71%), while and the UK shoppers are most likely to purchase food and drink (41%).
  • Convenience (72%) is the number one reason for both Nordics and UK in terms of the Appeal of Online Shopping, while the ability to compare products & prices ranked at the top reason For Germany (65%) and Benelux (55%).
  • The top reason for shopping cart abandonment in Germany was because of an absence of their favorite payment method (52%).
  • In the Benelux, one bad experience is enough to cause a disloyal state (45%).
Graph Shows the Top-ranked Items Purchased Online in Europe 2016

A Graph Shows The Most Purchased Categories.


Data were driven from 3,073 respondents who were shopped online in Northern Europe – UK, Germany, Nordics, and Benelux. The age range of respondents were 18-65+, with 60% were aged in-between 25-54, by an equal share of the female & male, The research was conducted in June 2016.


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