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Payments & E-Commerce in Western Europe, Oct. 2017 | PPRO

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European B2C e-commerce totaled €530.58 in 2016 and it’s expected to hit €602 billion in 2017, an increase of 15% compared to the previous year according to Ecommerce Foundation. E-commerce is predicted also to account for 11.4% of all sales in Western Europe by 2021, up from 8.8% today.

Be aware of the latest payment and e-commerce data in Western Europe in 2017:

The State of Internet in Western Europe:

  • Germany held the highest number of online population with over 71.5 million, followed by France with over 56.3 million and then Italy with over 39.8 million.
  • In contrast, Norway, Finland and Denmark held the lowest numbers of online population with over 5 million for both with slight differences between them.
  • Norway and Denmark had the highest internet penetration across all Western Europe countries with 96.8% and 96.35 respectively.
  • Austria and Norway had the highest smartphone penetration with 92% and 83%, respectively.

E-Commerce Landscape in Western Europe:

  • Airlines & hotels were the top e-commerce segments in 14 countries of Western Europe, while clothing & footwear were the top in Denmark and Germany.
  • Netherlands achieved the highest B2C e-commerce growth totaled 23.1%, followed by Portugal & Germany at the same level with a growth rate of 15.9%.
  • The UK topped all Western Europe countries in terms of e-commerce completed on a mobile device with a rate of 52%, followed by Netherlands (39%) and then Germany (38%).

Most Preferred Payment Methods:

  • Spain, Portugal and Belgium are the top 3 countries prefer payment via cards with 66%, 65% & 55%, respectively.
  • Italy, the UK and Germany are the top 3 countries in adapting paying via e-wallets with rates of 31%, 27% & 23%.
Payments & E-commerce in Western Europe, Oct. 2017 | PPRO

Graph Shows a Hint About the Payment and E-commerce Landscape in Austria in 2017

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