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Quarterly Report on Telecom Sector Indicators in Oman, Q4 2016 | TRA Oman

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The fourth quarter of 2016 came to present new indicators into the telecom sector in Oman. Fixed-line subscribers reached a total of 465,721 subscribers, while mobile subscribers increased by 1.18% to reach a total of 6,866,260 subscribers with a constant penetration rate (151%).

Fixed Telephone Service:

  • There is a decline in both fixed postpaid & prepaid subscriptions during the third quarter of 2016 by 20%, and 72.83% respectively.
  • Residential fixed line subscribers also declined by 2.38% during the fourth quarter, but business fixed line subscribers increased by 8.18% as compared to the previous quarter.

Mobile Service:

  • Mobile postpaid subscribers totaled 614,482 with 0.86% growth over the prior quarter.
  • Total mobile prepaid subscribers also increased by 1.2% reaching 6,251,778 subscribers.
  • “Omantel mobile” & “Nawras” almost accomplished an equal market share for mobile service (41% & 41.6 respectively).

Internet Service:

  • Fixed internet subscribers jumped up by 7,612 subscribers during Q4 2016 – equal 2.7% growth rate – reaching a total of 285,588 subscribers.
  • Fixed internet penetration rate per household also increased by 1.33% than the previous quarter to be 49.67% in Q4 2016.
  • Total fixed Broadband subscription reached 283,057 subscribers with a penetration rate of 49.23% per household.
  • Total active mobile broadband subscribers leaped up 9.9% to 3,937,861 in Q4 2016 from 3,838,089 in Q3.
  • There is an increase of 72% in the business segment of broadband, while 1.9% drop in the dial-up internet subscribers.

Quarterly Report on Telecom Sector Indicators in the Sultanate of Oman, Q4 2016 TRA

TRA Oman

Established in 2002, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is the implementing authority of the Sultanate of Oman’s telecommunications policies. TRA liberalizes and promotes the telecommunications services in the Sultanate; established under the Telecommunications Act which was issued under the Royal Decree No. 30/2002.TRA is committed to facilitating the growth of the telecommunications sector in the Sultanate of Oman and this commitment is carried out by ensuring the availability of state-of-the-art technologies via a wide range of choices and delivery to consumers with reasonable prices.


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