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State of Payments of E-Commerce in the Middle East, 2015 | PayFort

E-Commerce & Retail | Middle East

Payfort Annual Report of the State of Payments 2015 on the world explains the payments and eCommerce innovation in the Arab World.
Commerce is the fastest growing sector covered in this report, and by 2020 it will be the one to beat in the airline sector to become the biggest.
By then the report predicts that the UAE and KSA will have a combined eCommerce market of over $10 billion.
The report is divided into five sections: Airlines, Travel, Tourism, e-commerce, Marketplace Services and Demographics.
Geographically, the report covers Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE. It is divided into responsive, interactive sections.

State of Payments 2015 of e-commerce in the Middle East | PayFort

A Figure Shows The eCommerce Market Size – 2014.


Established in 2013, PayFort is one of Amazons' companies, providing online innovative payment options to different businesses (e.g. government, education, airlines, travel, insurance, retail and many more eCommerce sectors.The company works with its customers first by understanding both their financial and revenue model; identifying areas of risk exposure, and payment processes to formulate strategies that maximize online payment acceptance.


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