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Since a year ago, major industry developments have taken place, adding to the story of the trends a new perspective. Gen Z, mobile payments, and social sports top these trends. GlobalWebIndex’s report offers an exclusive look at the consumer, market and industry insights affect on brand and customer experiences.

Also, the report offers insights into social media, e-sports, the new era of data privacy, the cryptocurrency market, the voice search revolution, and much more.

A Glimpse at the Biggest Consumer Trends to Know for 2019 – E-Sport:

  • The average number of sports watched on online TV has increased from 2.3 in Q2 2017 to 2.5 in Q2 2018, while the average number of sports watched on linear TV still the same over the same period.
  • 28% of social media users in the MENA region said that they use social media mainly to watch, follow sports event. This proportion reached 23% in North America and 20% in the Asia Pacific.
  • 50% still use social media to stay in touch with friends and family, but a very close contender is the funny and entertaining content that make people turn to social networks (42%).
The Biggest Consumer Trends to Know for 2019 - E-Sport - The Digital Consumer Trends to Know for 2019 - GlobalWebIndex

Percentage of Who Said Watching/following Sports Events Is the Main Reason for Using Social Media – by Region

Content of “The Digital Consumer Trends to Know for 2019” Report:

  • The Year in Review: One of the Biggest Consumer Trends to Hit 2018
  • How “Social” is Social Media?
  • Can Esports Actually Make it into the Mainstream?
  • Rethinking “Trust” in a New Era of Data Privacy
  • The Rise of Green Consumerism: What Do Brands Need to Know?
  • The Next Big Question for Voice Assistants
  • Decrypting Crypto-Consumers
  • Why Survey Data is More Valuable than Ever for Consumer Research

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