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The Digital Life of US Dads, 2016 | Millward Brown Digital & TNS Connected Life

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Dads of both younger and older children in the US represent an audience that marketers can tap across a blend of digital touch points, given their broad media consumption. They are also an excellent target across emerging technologies as they tend to adopt more quickly than the general population. They are active media consumers, leveraging both digital and traditional media platforms.

  • Dads in the US are spending more time consuming new media than ever before with 67.5% of dads with children under 6 and 61.7% of dads with children aged 6 to 16 years are spending more time on digital media.
  • Dads with children under 6 years are more likely to consume digital media using a Tablet device compared to dads with children aged 6 to 16 years who do so using mobiles and PC.
  • 61% of all dads surveyed own a gaming console.
  • In terms of Dads’ digital engagement with brands, they are highly engaged with brands through social media platforms.
The Digital Life of US Dads, 2016 | Digital Behaviour of Dads in the US

A Graph Shows the US Dads’ Digital Engagement with Brands in 2016


Data were driven by 350 dads in the US.

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