There Were 339 Million Unique Mobile Subscribers in MENA in 2016.


The Mobile Economy in MENA 2016 | GSMA


In 2016, there were 339 million unique mobile subscribers in MENA region, presents 60% of the whole population. MENA Region fell behind Asia Pacific to become the second least penetrated region in the world, at the head of Sub-Saharan Africa (43%) but well behind the global with an average of 63%.

Subscribers in MENA are increasingly migrating to mobile broadband services by the middle of 2016. Mobile broadband (3G and above) accounted for more than 40% of connections, up from just under 30% in 2014. While this is below the global average which estimated with 51%.

On the other hand, growth in mobile broadband connections over the next 5 years will be relatively rapid, with a CAGR of 14% between 2015 & 2020 compared to the global average of 13%. Mobile broadband connections also will overtake 2G in early 2018, and 62% of total connections will be mobile broadband by 2020.

The Mobile Economy in MENA 2016 GSMA

A Study on the Economics of the Internet in MENA in 2016 | GSMA

For more information, please download “The Mobile Economy in MENA 2016” full report.

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