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The Model Shopper: Insights on Americans’ Attire & Beauty Purchases, 2017 | Field Agent

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Fashion has always been a hotbed for innovation and today, tech is transforming fashion at a faster pace than ever. In the same context, Americans become more likely to shop online for clothing, footwear & cosmetics. So, whether you’re a business professional in such industries in the US, or simply someone trying to come to grips with today’s US fashion shoppers, you need to dive into the trends reshaping how Americans shop for attire, footwear and cosmetics:

Shopping for Attire/Apparel Online in the US

  • In general, most of US online shoppers purchase clothing from mass merchandisers with a rate of 58%. Women are more likely to do so than men (60% vs. 54%).
  • 43% of American shoppers claimed that they sometimes purchase attire online.
  • 66% of those who never purchase attire online said they need to see how attire fits before buying.
  • Three-quarters of American shoppers said the inability to see if the attire fits is a major drawback of buying online.
  • Overall, t-shirts, tops/blouse, footwear are the top 3 categories that American buy online occasionally.
  • For women, purses/handbags are the most purchase online with a rate of 44%, while men are more likely to buy sunglasses with a rate of 33%.
  • 65% reported that they’ll purchase more or a little more or much more attire online.

Online Makeup Retailing in the US

  • CoverGirl, Maybelline and Loreal are the top 3 most used cosmetics brands for American women.
  • 78% of American women purchase cosmetics from mass merchandisers.
  • 48% purchase cosmetics online, and 41% purchase facial skincare online.
  • The inability to see/touch product before buying and the inability also to match makeup to skin tone are the top reasons for not purchasing makeup online with rates of 51% & 47%, respectively.
Insights into shopping online for clothing, footwear & cosmetics in US, 2018

A Graph Shows the Reasons Why American Women Not Purchasing Makeup Online – 2018


Data were driven from over 5,000 US shoppers. The study includes 4 separate surveys conducted through the Field Agent app in September 2017.

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