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The State of Content 2017: You Are Your Content | Accenture

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Digital content becomes an integral part of our lives. The four million search inquiries we send to Google every minute reflect our insatiable hunger for answers and ideas. We don’t pick a restaurant, or make a purchase, without consulting the reviews and recommendations of peers and experts.

The net effect of these trends means that companies need to create extraordinary amounts of content at higher and higher levels of quality as the content is how the organization expresses itself. In 2017, the percentage of organizations producing enormous volumes of content has doubled since 2016. On average, major companies are creating over one million digital assets per year.

Find out what more than 1000 executives said about the evolving content environment:

  • Just 40% of executives surveyed strongly agree that they clearly understand the goals of their content.
  • About 80% believe that the content they produce must convey everything they want people to know about their businesses.
  • Almost all respondents reaffirmed their commitment to content, seeing it as the primary way to articulate their organization’s missions.
  • 82% indicate placement as a key to driving business outcomes with almost three-quarters of organizations invest the majority of their marketing budgets (100–250M), up to 70%, on paid placement.
  • 84% affirmed the importance of content in shaping the brand experience.
Report: State of Content 2017 | Accenture | Digital Marketing Community

The State of Content 2017: You Are Your Content | Accenture


Data were driven from 1,082 executives from 14 countries and 18 industries. The survey was conducted in July 2016. The overall margin of error is +/- 3 percentage points at the midpoint of the 95% confidence level.


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