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The State of Cross-Device Commerce in UK, H2 2016 | Criteo

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Consumers nowadays use multiple devices in the purchase journey – from searching and browsing to buying. So, retailers need to analyze consumer usage of the different devices during this journey.

Read and recognize the state of cross-device commerce in the UK as mentioned below:

  • 36% of all online transactions involved 2 or more devices.
  • 37% of UK online shoppers visit more than 4 websites to complete a transaction, 31% use 2-3 websites, and 32% use only one website.
  • 30% of all cross-device transactions completed on a desktop started on a smartphone, and 24% of those completed on a smartphone started on a desktop.
  • Smartphone purchases reach their peak in the evening (9-11 pm), while desktop purchases reach their peak during work hours (1-5 pm).
  • 52% of online purchases in the UK are completed on mobile, an increased rate of 13% Y-O-Y.
  • Fashion and luxury hold the biggest share of mobile transactions with a growth rate of +13% Y-O-Y.
  • iPhone-based transactions increased by a rate of 12% Y-o-Y; growing more than twice (+47%) as fast as Android (+22%).
The State of Cross-Device Commerce in UK, H2 2016 Criteo

Figure Shows The Path to Purchase of The Device-Centric & User-Centric View.


Data were driven from over 3,300 online retail businesses globally. In addition to analyzing 1.7 billion transactions per year across desktop and mobile sites.


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