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Local search marketing is the first and best way to connects your business to real-world communities. It considered a bridge to the places where your targeted consumers live, work, and make most of their purchases. Besides, there’s more competition than ever, placing more pressure on local marketers to drive business results.

A new industry report from Moz has launched to help marketers understand the latest trends, thoughts, as well as the biggest challenges shaping their work in local SEO.

A Sneak Peek at the Top Findings of the State of Local SEO – 2019:

  • 32% of marketers said proximity to the searcher is the top local ranking factor.
  • 90% agreed that Google’s focus on proximity frequently or sometimes harms results quality.
  • 64% agreed that Google is becoming the new local business “homepage.”
  • 35% of marketers have no local link building strategy in place.
  • 31% of companies haven’t made the leap to mobile-first.
The Top Google Local Pack Ranking Factors in 2019 - Moz

The Top Google Local Pack Ranking Factors for Local Marketers in 2019

The Content of “The State of Local SEO: Industry Report 2019”:

  • High-Level Takeaways
  • Section 1: The State of the Industry
  • Section 2: Local SEO Strategy
  • Section 3: Local SEO Tactics
  • Methodology

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Data in this report is based on a survey of 1400+ local marketers who work either in-house for businesses or for agencies. Respondents were asked 30 questions about their work in the industry.


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