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The State of Online Shopper Delivery Expectations, 2016 | OSM

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US retail e-commerce sales totaled $92.8 billion in the first quarter of 2016, an increase of 3.7% from the final quarter of 2015. As e-commerce continues to grow, retailers must focus on fostering trust and a reputation for reliable delivery.

The following are only some key insights about online shoppers‘ expectations and actions toward online retailers they deal with:

  • 32% of online shoppers said they would contact customer service when a non-urgent item arrives just one day late, while 79% of customers are very likely to contact customer service when a non-urgent item arrives three days late.
  • 71% of online shoppers prefer to contact the retailer via the phone as their first channel to do so in case an urgent item arrives one day late.
  • Emails come in second place (64%) when an urgent item arrives one day late.
  • The majority of online shoppers (87%) are more likely to call customer service to complain in case receiving a damaged package.
  • 23% of online shoppers said they would share their experiences of a damaged package on social media.
  • 75% of them are very likely or likely to share their frustrations over a damaged package with friends and/or family.
  • 76% of online shoppers with a preferred carrier use an email tracking number, 42% use email notifications and 31% use a mobile app to monitor their order status.
  • 40% of online shoppers check an item’s order status at least once per day.
The State of Shopper Delivery Expectation 2016 OSM

A Graph Shows Hows Consumers Contact Retailers When Their Purchases Arrives a Day Late.

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