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Total Retail – Middle East, Annual 2016 | PWC


Online retail in the Middle East is growing as the percentage of daily online shoppers doubled from 6% in 2014 to 12% in 2015, but only a few people have credit cards so people in the Middle East with rate 80% prefer to use cash when they buy online.

The main features of online retail in the Middle East can be incorporated in the following points:

  • Clothing and footwear are the most frequently purchased categories online with rate 68%, followed by electronics and computers with rate 66%., but the least purchased category online is groceries with rate 43%.
  • 49%of online shoppers in the region choose retailers, according to prices, compared to 60% globally, and only 29% of shoppers choose retailers because of they trust the brand.
  • The usage of mobile for shopping online has increased from 61% in 2014 to 70% in 2015, and 49% of online shopper are expected to make their mobiles the main purchasing channel.
  • Egypt has more people who shopping online daily, but also has more people who have never shopped that way.
  • The UAE also has a growing domestic population and a high proportion of wealthy residents that’s why it is believed that clothing and footwear will be the fastest growing spending category in 2016.


For more information, please download the “Total Retail – Middle East, Annual 2016” full report.


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