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Transparency Content and the Consumer Journey in the US, 2017 | Response Media

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Customers care more about your knowledge than they do about your products. That’s why marketers should pay more attention to the importance of transparency content to consumers. Transparency is more than a list of ingredients and materials, it’s about the source of ingredients, the manufacturing, handling and shipping of the product; and the sustainability, charitable and labor policies of a brand.

Discover how the transparency content is very important for US consumers; especially Millennial moms and Gen X dads in 2017:

  • List of ingredients (99%), in-depth info on ingredients/materials (98%) and sources of ingredients (95%) are the most important content transparency to consumers surveyed when purchasing products.
  • The first two stages of purchasing journey (before and during purchasing) are the most important to consumers when looking for transparency content with rates of 91% and 83%, respectively.
  • 64% of consumers surveyed said that content transparency should be available on the brand website, 47% want it in the brand social site and 43% want it in the shopping apps.
  • 100% of Millennial Moms would pay more for a transparent food or beverage brand.
  • Most of the consumers surveyed claimed that they are willing to pay more for transparent products with a rate of 92% for fresh foods, 89% for packaged foods and 83% for beauty/grooming products.
Transparency Content & Consumer Journey for US Moms & Gen X Dads, 2017

A Graph Shows the Most Important Content Transparency to Consumers Surveyed When Purchasing Products in 2017


Data were driven from 500 consumers in the US aged 18+. They were moms and dads with no kids.

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