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UNCTAD B2C E-Commerce Index 2018: Focus on Africa

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The 2018 edition of the UNCTAD B2C E-Commerce Index included forty-four African countries. While the index revealed that the African region lags the rest of the world in terms of e-commerce readiness, the continent is showing progress in key indicators related to B2C e-commerce.

The index showed that the B2C Index is highly correlated with the proportion of online shoppers for the world as a whole, but in Africa, this relationship is more tenuous.

It worth to be mentioned that since 2014, Sub-Saharan Africa has surpassed world growth on three of the indicators used in the index which are the account ownership, individuals using the internet, and the secure Internet servers.

UNCTAD B2C E-Commerce Index 2018 Focus on Africa - Growth in B2C Index indicators, sub Saharan Africa

A Figure Shows the Growth in B2C Index Indicators, Sub-Saharan Africa

The Content of “UNCTAD B2C E-Commerce Index 2017”:

  • Improved coverage in 2018 edition
  • The Netherlands ascends to the top of the index
  • Asian nations lead among top 10 developing countries
  • Digital readiness is attracting foreign direct investment
  • Special focus on Africa in the B2C index

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