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US Apparel Trends Report, Q2 2017 | Criteo

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Apparel is a fast-growing e-commerce category with about 18% of all sales conducted online. Apparel shoppers move between online research and in-store purchase or trying on in-store and then stocking up online.

Learn more about the latest US apparel trends:

  • 55% of Gen Z indicated that they spend their own money on clothes and 60% said they influence household apparel purchasing.
  • 67% of Gen Z prefers to buy in-store most of the time, compared with 22% who prefer online purchasing.
  • 68% of online shoppers cited that they desire free return shipping and a simplified return process.
  • On average, there are more than 3 products in every US shopping cart.
  • The average cart with an apparel item in Q3 of 2016 estimated with $95.21.
  • Younger consumers prefer e-commerce transactions that are taking place on mobile devices. So, the average item prices on mobile devices are now slightly higher than those on desktops: $33.91 vs $30.08.

US Apparel Trend Report, Q2 2017 Criteo


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