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Wellness, according to the Global Wellness Institute, is defined as the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.

So, what is the difference between health and wellness?

Shortly, wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle, however, health is a state of being and it refers to physical, mental, and social well-being, but wellness aims to enhance well-being.

After knowing the difference, let’s go through this wellness trends report…

Personal Care Is On the Rise:

Anything that’s done for you that’s of a personal nature is personal care so this includes personal hygiene, oral hygiene, and nail care.

Shown below are the top five cosmetic care brands and the following chart shows the percentage of consumers who used any of the following cosmetic brands:

The 5 Wellness Trends You Shouldn't Ignore Report 2022 | DMC

  • According to the chart, 28% of consumers used Nivea in the last week.
  • Moreover, 24% of consumers used dove.
  • Comes in third place with 21% is L’OREAL.
  • 17% of consumers used Gillette.
  • And 16% of consumers used Head & Shoulders.

Also, 44% of men say brands present realistic body expectations for men, 42% of women say brands present realistic body expectations for women, as well as 41% of consumers,are interested in personal healthcare.

The 5 Wellness Trends You Shouldn't Ignore Report 2022 | DMCHeads Are Turning to Alternative Treatments:

According to the wellness trends report, Americans are starting to trust alternative treatments, and in the following chart is the percentage of Americans who use the following types of treatment for minor illnesses:

The 5 Wellness Trends You Shouldn't Ignore Report 2022 | DMC

Note that 31% of Americans actively look for lifestyle changes that can improve their health.

Based on the following chart, we will know the percentages of CBD users, in Europe, who use the following CBD products:

The 5 Wellness Trends You Shouldn't Ignore Report 2022 | DMC

  • Based on the chart, 40% of CBD users use oils.
  • As well as 22% who use vapes.
  • Furthermore, 19% use creams, balms, or lotions.
  • Also, 18% of CBD users use pills, capsules, or tablets.
  • Moreover, 17% of CBD users use infused drinks.

Download the full wellness trends report from here.

The Table of Contents of the “ 5 Wellness Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore” Report:

  • Personal care is on the rise
  • Heads are turning to alternative treatments
  • Consumers are switching to healthier diets
  • Mental health is still a growing concern
  • There’s been a big push for health-tracking tech

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