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Something for Everyone: Why the Growth of Mobile Apps Is Good News for Brands, 2017 | Ipsos MORI & Google

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The increasing number of smartphone users worldwide has led to a tremendous increase in the number of apps that consumers use on their phones. Consumers glued to their mobile devices thanks to the better, smarter handsets, faster connections and enjoyable feature and functions that apps may offer. In the same context, brands should be prepared for tomorrow’s digital majority and be in the know of mobile app users demographics and attitudes.

Find out the latest insights shed light on how smartphone users use mobile apps with a focus on four types of apps: games, news, sport and entertainment:

Who Uses Mobile Apps?

  • Almost all users who use a smartphone uses an app, with at least 9 in 10 people from each gender and from all age-groups use them.
  • Games and entertainment apps are more popular than any other apps category.
  • Females are a key apps audience, with a rate of 93% of female smartphone users use apps.
  •  Again, females are more likely than males to use gaming apps (51% vs. 49%).
  • In contrast, males are more likely than females to use sports (75% vs. 25%), entertainment (55% vs. 45%) and news apps (57% vs. 43%).
  • 75% of smartphone users are employed, and 57% are mid educated.

How Are Apps Used?

  • Smartphone users claimed that they spend almost an hour each day on average between news, games, entertainment and sports apps. They claimed to spend an average of six and a half hours per week on games apps.
  • News apps are more likely to be used in the morning and at work/school, while games, sports and entertainment apps are more likely to be used in the evening.
  • 21% of news app users visit their news apps before they get out of bed and 32% do so during breakfast.
  • In terms of the frequency of using apps, 78% of games app users and 82% of news app users access them daily.
Who use mobile apps? How are apps used? What are the most used apps

A Graph Shows the Top Activities Have Done Via Apps/Browser – 2017


Data is based on a total of 12,301 online interviews amongst weekly smartphone users aged 18-64. Research was executed across 6 markets: The US (2,000), UK (2,071), Germany (2,087), France (2,135), Italy (2,000) and the Netherlands (2,008).

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