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10 Ideas to Grow Your Instagram Page

Social Media Marketing | Sep 29, 2019

With around 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, it is safe to say that Instagram is the most engaged social media platform after Facebook. Furthermore, 80% of these 1 billion user accounts follow at least one business brand, signifying an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of this fact and raise their Instagram profile.

In this blog post, we’ll be covering just that, providing you with 10 ideas to grow your Instagram page and make your page Insta-mazing.

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Stories are an essential part of Instagram, offering users and brands a way to capture video or image content in a slideshow format. Stories allow you the chance to share more news and posts with your followers without clogging their feed. Therefore, it’s a great way to keep your audience happy with content and updates.

Make sure to engage your followers by asking questions, polls or even showing exclusive content that they may not find on any of your other social media!


One of the main aims of hashtag research is to reach out to an audience who isn’t under your follower base. As well as this, hashtag research is a great way to build your brand community and generate more content for your account.

Our top tip to get you started is to first come up with a relevant yet unique hashtag. For example, if you’re creating content related to the Great British Bake Off, don’t just use broad, typical terms like #GreatBritishBakeOff, but also add more targeted hashtags such as #GBBO #GBBO2019 #bakeoff #bakeoff2019 #Channel4GBBO and so on. Adding these specific hashtags will ensure your content will get noticed by the right crowd.

In your research, find out which hashtags are most used by your target demographic, which hashtags are trending on Instagram, which hashtags have the highest engagement levels and see if you can incorporate these more in your future posts to get your content out there.


Adding your geo-location to a post or story is a great way to promote your content. Users who follow these geo-tags (but not necessarily your account) will be able to see your post. If they like it they might click on your profile or even press the follow button, making it a must-have action to maintain your Instagram account!

This feature is heavily underused by brands. Nevertheless, according to research statistics, posts with geo-tags received 79% more engagement compared to those which didn’t.

All you need to do is to pin the specific location or add the name of the city in your posts, so start geo-tagging!


If you require a follower and page boost, then contests may be the way forward. Who doesn’t love a free giveaway or a chance to with an amazing cash prize? Organizing contests will boost engagement levels and is a clever way to get your followers to become advocates/advertisers of your brand too.

Feel free to get as creative as possible with your contests. You could make it as simple as ‘like and/or comment to win’ which is the most well-known and easily trackable option. Alternatively, create a ‘tag-a-friend’ contest to broaden your brand awareness.

One of our favorite contest ideas is ‘user-generated content contests’. This involves asking your fans to share imagery on how the brand has affected their life, share content similar to your product or service and so on. ‘User-generated content’ contests are a fantastic way to narrow the bridge between you and your followers and get to know them on a deeper level.


Nowadays, it feels as though everyone on Instagram has the same story, the same imagery, and the same captions. It’s hard to source new creative content, but trust us when we say it’ll be worth it. If your content is fresh and exciting then you’ll see higher engagement levels, more likes, more comments and so on.

Take time to think out of the box, try some new wacky ideas and ultimately spruce up your page, without losing your core brand values!


Collaborating with other influencers will help elevate your brand. However, make sure to choose the right influencer for you. Choose one who not only has a strong Instagram presence but one who shares your brand values.

Having influencers mention your product in a story or tag your brand in a post will broaden your reach and expose your brand to a whole new audience. Encourage them to try your products live or in a story and let their followers know what they think. Feel free to provide them with discount codes they can feature in their caption. This will help to gain traction to your website.


Have you ever been interested in a brand only to find out that their last post is dated 2 years ago? This can be quite frustrating and could potentially be the reason that users unfollow your page.

Consistent posting is key to grow any social media following. A study by Tailwind found precisely that. Social media accounts who posted regularly had a significant increase in engagement rate and follower growth rates.

As well as posting regularly, research to find out when the best time to post is, after all, there’s nothing worse than creating a stunning one-of-a-kind post which no one will see.


As stated by Instagram, IGTV “brings audiences closer to the creators they love.” IGTV is a video application that allows businesses to upload longer videos compared to the normal Instagram video feature.

IGTV is built for the everyday phone user, providing a high-quality platform for businesses to showcase their content both for the vertical and full screen. There’s no time limit with IGTV either, thus you’ll be able to share as much or as little content as you’d like.

Therefore, we suggest you play around with this feature and build your profile on IGTV to strengthen your relationship with your customer and improve your Instagram brand presence.


If your active on other social media & marketing channels, then consider cross-promoting your Instagram content. This is a really easy way to pick up more subscribers and keep your audience happy with even more access to your brand.

Simply add links to your other social accounts to the end of a post, your about page or dedicate a whole post to this!


If you haven’t picked up the underlying theme in the previous points already, then do make sure to engage your followers. All these ideas and ways to grow your page are great, however, they’re nothing if you don’t engage your audience.

Often, people just need an extra nudge to get them to do something, and you should take advantage of that fact. People are much more likely to do something when you ask, it may be as simple as asking them to ‘comment down below’, ‘like a post’, or ‘swipe up’. All of these actions are a great way to maintain your active follower count and keep them interested in your brand.

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