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Top Digital Marketing Trends And Predictions In 2023 And Beyond

Artificial Intelligence | May 28, 2023

Digital marketing strategies rapidly evolve as businesses adopt new ways of delivering sales and marketing messages to their target audience. Marketing technology (MarTech) has become a digital marketer’s toolkit to implement brand marketing campaigns of business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies. 

With today’s digital transformation revolution, businesses have become more innovative, aggressive, and agile in developing digital marketing campaigns. Many companies integrate digital technology into their operations to boost employee productivity and deliver better experiences and great value to customers and other stakeholders. 

This article looks into the top digital marketing trends and predictions in 2023 and the coming years. 

Digital Marketing Trends in 2023 and Beyond:

AI Marketing Will Capture And Dominate Industries

AI marketing is on the top list of digital marketing trends this year, with promising benefits, outcomes, and revenues. Statista reported that the artificial intelligence (AI) market has nearly US$100 billion current market value projected to reach almost US$2 trillion or grow twentyfold by 2030.

Many digital marketers explore using AI marketing tools, such as ChatGPT, to analyze customer data more accurately. These tools help marketers quickly identify customers’ demographic profiles, needs, behaviors, buying experiences, and other relevant data. Because of AI’s fast and accurate data delivery, sales, and marketing teams have become more united and productive in developing sales enablement and digital marketing campaigns to attain shared goals. 

Examples of AI marketing strategies include the following: 

  • AI-based prompts for marketing copies 
  • AI-based gamification marketing
  • AI retargeting 
  • AI paid ads 

What’s in store for the future of AI-based marketing? Shaun Connell of Writing Tips Institute shared his AI marketing predictions. He said, “AI has been born and is here to stay. In the past year, AI was a caterpillar, crawling in the dark until it found its way to spread its wings and become a beautiful butterfly, breaking its long silence and capturing everyone’s attention. AI marketing will cross and dominate business niches and industries, incorporating its concepts, principles, and tactics to acquire more leads, drive engagement, and win more sales.” 

Content Marketing Will Explore The Metaverse World

Techtarget defines metaverse as the Internet’s next iteration, consisting of a single, immersive, three-dimensional (3D) virtual space. Metaverse transforms human experience in ways they couldn’t in the physical world using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) equipment.

Content marketing in the virtual world or metaverse paves the way for new customer experiences. Businesses can use the metaverse to communicate, engage, and deliver their brand marketing messages to their customers more interactively.

Below are some quick tips for creating content for the metaverse:

  • Use relevant avatars 
  • Design 3D images, like a virtual business logo, that reflect the brand identity
  • Text-based content embedded in virtual elements 
  • Use of virtual rewards for gamified marketing content
  • Use of stars and other virtual rewards for metaverse social media marketing

What’s in store for the future of metaverse content marketing? “Metaverse content marketing utilizes automation, graphic design, AI, and VR and AR glasses. Aside from creating great text-based content, digital marketers will face a big challenge in developing and combining all the necessary virtual elements to accelerate customer experience in the metaverse. Luckily, we have a massive pool of talented freelancers willing to accept the challenge,” predicted Milo Cruz of Freelance Writing Jobs

Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions in 2023 | DMC

SEO Marketing Will Be More Visual-Based

Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing transcends from text-based to visual-based scope. Visual search is a popular search option because humans are naturally visual learners. For this reason, it’s not surprising that the search trend is getting more visual-focused. 

Visual search involves scanning the visual environment for a specific feature or object, extending into the SEO world. Data Bridge Market Research shows that the Visual Search Market Size will reach US$ 32,984.022 million by 2028.

Some advantages of visual-based SEO marketing are: 

  • Quick search
  • Improve search ranking 
  • Greater online visibility 
  • A more appealing lead-capturing tactic

What’s in store for the future of visual-based SEO marketing? Garrett Smith of GMB Gorilla predicted, “More people will click on visual search engine results to get immediate answers. Visuals are compelling proof of what the content tells. Google will prioritize ranking websites with visual results to search queries because online users demand more of such content.” 

Social Media Marketing Will Be Citizen-Based 

Content creators are in demand. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, about 63 percent of social media users gave a tip to a content creator. Social media networks continuously find ways to help content creators obtain monetization to motivate them to create more entertaining and helpful content. 

B2C and B2B companies implement well-thought social media marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness, reach more diverse audiences, and drive online engagement. Social media marketing includes posting quotes, photos, videos, memes, and other engaging content. Businesses can gauge social media marketing efforts with more reactions, shares, and comments. One of the emerging social media marketing trends is citizen-based content creation.

Look at the following examples of citizen-based social media marketing tactics:

  • Brand-sponsored reels of everyday activities
  • Social media local business endorsements 
  • Citizen creator product tutorial posts 
  • Citizen artists’ music and art collaborations 
  • Citizen-created brand marketing for social media groups

What’s in store for the future of citizen-based social media marketing? Peter Hoopis, a content creator and strategist, explained, “Citizen content creators will be the next significant contributors in social media marketing. Their social media posts are honed from personal experiences, from home improvement and fashion to health and fitness tips and outdoor adventures. Hence, citizen content creators make up appealing brand endorsers, especially for local brands. In the future, citizen social media marketers will be the live proof of general consumers before making a purchase decision.” 

Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions in 2023 | DMC


This year’s top digital marketing trends and predictions reflect the advancement in marketing technology and the innovative solutions businesses embrace to promote their products and services. Top industry leaders have shared their valuable insights into how these trends will shape the future of digital marketing and how brands can harness their power to attain their marketing goals. So, what are the latest digital marketing tactics you want to implement in your business?


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