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Tried and Tested Ways to Generate More ROI Using Instagram

Social Media Marketing | Apr 24, 2020

There are different ways in which you can generate more Instagram ROI when you use it for your marketing purposes. It all depends on the ways in which you want to achieve your goals. Instagram is one of the most productive social media channels that come with valuable assets that help modern marketers.

There are more than a billion users who are active on this platform monthly and more than half of them access this platform daily. If you consider the financial aspects of Instagram, it also stands out as the most lucrative visual network.

When you incorporate these tactics into your business marketing you will be able to leverage it to get the best results. For this, you will need to make sure that you produce discoverable content. This will ensure that:

  • The users learn about your company and
  • They know about your product.

If you want to make the most of this visual platform you must use it correctly. This means that you will need to know and understand the useful tactics that will help you to drive Instagram marketing ROI.

The discoverable content will help you to gain more exposure to a larger audience segment. The best way to ensure that is by using relevant hashtags. This will help you to put your brand and product in front of your target audience on Instagram in the best possible way.

Generate More Instagram ROI

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Know Your Goals and Objectives

One of the best ways to assess your Instagram marketing ROI is to know your business goals and objectives. A lot will depend on these. Therefore, without having a clear idea about what you are actually trying to accomplish, you will have nothing to measure in the first place.

Another important reason to know your business goals and objectives is that you will know the relevant tools to measure the ROI. There are different tools to measure engagement campaigns and choosing the right one is therefore essential.

Most importantly, knowing your business goals and objectives will help you to know the ways and also the right time to act.

Therefore, make sure that you set your business goals and objectives in such a way that it is easy to calculate. Consider the overall actions that will help you to direct your followers to and through the sales and conversion funnel.

What Is a Sales Funnel - Sales Funnel Stages

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This specific approach will ensure that your potential followers and the leads become your loyal followers and customers. Therefore, make sure that you determine a clear set of goals and objectives as accurately as possible. The most significant advantage of it is that it will help you to track your social media expenses and dig deeper into Instagram Insights.

Hashtags Play a Significant Role

You must use the right hashtags to measure your Instagram ROI. This will increase Instagram visibility. There are lots of different hashtags but only a handful of them will use for your specific business.

  • It will increase the impressions of your post manifolds and
  • It will contribute to discovery.

Hashtags are the primary element of the success of social media posts. It will bring in a lot of publicity for the brand. Therefore, you will need to know which specific hashtags to use. You can find them by:

  • Using the search bar of Instagram and typing a relevant keyword
  • Try different related hashtags as suggested by the hashtag pages
  • Select hashtags that resonate with your niche topic and
  • Analyze your influencers and competitors.

However, there is no magic formula for using the hashtag. You will need to experiment with different tags to find the right one depending on your past and present situation. The best way to increase the visibility and discoverability of your post is to use more hashtags.

Remember, without using the right hashtags on Instagram, it is highly likely that your posts will be lost in the crowd. Check this key indicator;

Average Number of Instagram Engagement Vs. Number of Hashtags 2020

A Figure Shows the Average Number of Engagement Vs. Number of Hashtags—2020 Data

Measuring Influencer Marketing ROI

You can measure the Instagram ROI in influencer marketing on Instagram when you have the essentials. One such essential is to know which influencer to partner with. Most of the time, marketers and small business owners tend to partner and pay those influencers that they think to be ‘cool’ or others think them to be likewise.

However, experts like Blastup.comand others say that this is not the way to go ahead. They say that you must select those influencers who will give you the highest return. This means that you will need to measure the ROI of influencer marketing before you make such choices. The good news is that there are different metrics that will help you to measure the ROI of influencer marketing.

You will also need to know the essentials and need these following things:

  • An Instagram business account because without it you will not be able to access Instagram Insights data and measure your Instagram ROI correctly and
  • The amount spent on influencer promotion or the cost of providing them a gift to promote you and your brand both.
  • These two elements are most important to know, compare, and measure the influencer marketing activities. This will eventually help you to find out which one is more effective for your specific business.

Ways to Get More Instagram ROI

If you want to get more Instagram ROI from your Instagram marketing immediately do not limit your efforts to creating a post or ad. In fact, you should do much more than that including:

You must follow a new approach to remarket so that you get more followers. You must make sure that the followers are more engaged.

You must also make sure that they comment on your posts and make their buying decision.

For this, you will need to create better ads and posts so that people follow your brand. You may engage them back manually or engaging them with automation. This will ensure that the users are converted into your followers and customers.

The best way to do this is to ensure a one-to-one remarketing. This will re-engage the users who do not follow you but have engaged with the ads once. Remarketing will help you to increase the following count significantly.


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