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Top 6 Growth Methods To Help Product Marketers

Digital Marketing | Apr 07, 2020

Product marketing is a field in which the methods for success are free-form and the potential for success is untapped. With the number of technological innovations that have occurred over the past decade, marketing is a field that is exciting and fresh to work in.

Finding strategies for growth, whilst not simple, is a fun process that can be explorative and innovative without the worry of wasting your marketing budget. You have room to express yourself as a marketer and so many avenues to explore.

With product marketing, you’re always looking for growth in sales. That’s a specific demand with lots of different methods for achieving it.

Let’s look at six of the best.

Product Marketing Tips to Grow a Product

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6 Product Marketing Tips to Grow Your Products

1. Using Storytelling

We live in an inter-connected world. This is great for marketers but it also proposes a unique issue. When people feel interconnected with everyone, how can you forge a standout connection between a potential customer and your brand?

The answer is storytelling.

Forget the statistics, storytelling allows you to use a humanistic form of communication to paint an image of your brands and products in the minds of your audience. That emotional connection can be a major growth accelerant.

2. Adopt A Cause

Cause marketing is really a win-win situation. “The impression that your customers have of you is a major part of your ability to experience growth now that it has become so easy for the average person to find out about the inner-workings of a company”, explains Marcus Howard, a business writer at Big Assignments and Assignment Help. Team up with a charity and make efforts to prove that you want the world to be a better place.

3. Harnessing Social Networks

Of all the changes in the last decade, the dominance of social media is the most significant. There isn’t much to say on this point. If you aren’t using social media to market, then what are you doing?

Even better: use viral marketing to explode your company’s presence all around the globe.

This can be tough to achieve, but a good place to start is with the use of influencers who can use the large following of people who are already organically under their ‘influence’ to carry the word out about your company.

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4. Hyper-Segmentation

Segmentation is an important part of the process of marketing. “These days, segmentation is a limitless skill. You can develop case files for individual people, with data about their site visits and social media interactions to guide targeted direct selling techniques. Whilst they are time-consuming, they are still immensely powerful”, says Rosemary Poulter, marketing manager at Boom Essays and State Of Writing. Be direct and efficient in identifying your high-value targets, and really zero in on a marketing strategy tailored to the individual.

5. Use POP

Point-Of-Purchasing (POP) marketing isn’t a revolutionary idea or anything, it has been around for hundreds of years in some regards. But if we’re talking purely about doing what it takes to grow sales, this is an amazing way to add a multiplier effect to your pre-existing marketing.

What’s more, you are enabled in this regard by all sorts of nifty ways, particularly in only stores, to grab your captive audience’s attention and drive them towards adding more to their cart. Adding heavy discounts on items is one way to guarantee improvements in sales.

6. Unpaid Social Media Marketing

One of the incredible things about social media from a business perspective is just how much value can be gotten out of it without having to spend any money. Yes, there are excellent paid routes that we have discussed above, but a lot of the time you can achieve excellent results for free.

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Word-of-mouth marketing has gone digital and people posting photos of themselves with your products to receive likes is a form of free marketing. Similarly, having a curated feed that is interesting and deserves to be followed in its own right allows you to keep audiences hooked in.


Overall, there has never been a time quite like the present for marketing. Product marketing for growth is a job that now has near-limitless directions to approach it from. Hopefully, these six ideas give you launching off point!

Beatrix Potter is a senior digital marketing expert at UK Essay Writing Service and She writes about product marketing and sales techniques. Also, Bea is a manager at Essay Roo portal.

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