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10 Ways to Interactive Content Boosts Marketing Automation | SnapApp & ORACLE

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For modern marketers, trying to get the most marketing automation systems can be like trying to plan the best amusement park visit. Interactive content is a powerful tool for marketing automation systems. With it, you create highly engaging forms of content that improve conversion rates, collect better prospect data, and increase lead velocity, all while seamlessly fueling your automation database.

10 Unique Ways to Use Interactive Content to Boost Your Marketing Automation Performance:

  1. Database: Go beyond the lead form by leveraging Q & A and result from data.
  2. Segmentation & personalization: Optimize your content to learn from your audience.
  3. Lead scoring: Use multiple touchpoints to score behavior and demographics.
  4. Email nurturing: Develop more diverse content to power your drip campaigns.
  5. Repurposing Content: Break larger assets into smaller, more “snackable” portions.
  6. Cross-channel Touchpoints: Send your content where your audience is.
  7. Mobile: Plan your content for a mobile experience.
  8. Video: Turn viewership into a lead-generating experience.
  9. Customer Communication: Strengthen engagement among your current customers.
  10. Quality & Quantity: Increase the life and effectiveness of your core assets.

Interactive content is a powerful tool for marketing automation systems. This ebook highlights 10 unique ways to use interactive content to boost your marketing automation performance.

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SnapApp empowers marketers to create personalized interactive experiences that activate buyers, accelerates leads through the funnel, and unleashes growth. SnapApp does this by putting the buyer at the center of their strategies with content that creates a two-way, dynamic conversation vs. the static one-way information flow that comes from traditional content types. With a simple, drag-and-drop interface, you don’t need to be a designer or developer to create a wide variety of content types across multiple channels. And robust integrations into top marketing automation tools let you collect information that improves marketing efforts and accelerate leads through the funnel.


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