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The infographic importance essence is that it makes data-heavy information clear and easy, digestible for the reader, catch the reader’s attention with eye-catching, colorful details tailored for a specific audience, presents something unique, uses only enough text to get the point across, and hosting the infographic on your website is important because of search engine optimization.

The 11 Actionable Tactics for Amplifying Your Infographic Content:

  1. Host Your Infographic for Visibility and Optimize it for SEO.
  2. Use Your Infographic as a Promotional Lever for Other Lead Generation Content.
  3. Share on Social Media.
  4. Create Bite-Sized Versions of Your Infographic for Promotion.
  5. Pitch Your Infographic to Curation Sites.
  6. Co-Brand an Infographic to Expand Your Audience.
  7. Create Exceptional Content.
  8. Brand the Infographic and Include a CTA to your Company in the Footer.
  9. Repurpose Previous Infographics.
  10. Promote your Infographic Using Paid Ads.
  11. Localize your Infographic for Global Audiences.

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The Table of Content of “How to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Listing” Guide:

  • Introduction
  • How to Design a Great Infographic for Your Audience
  • 11 Tactics to Amplify Your Infographic Content
  • Conclusion

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