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LinkedIn is the biggest B2B advertising social network in the digital landscape. LinkedIn offers unparalleled B2B-focused targeting parameters based on self-submitted user information and platform activities all of which are tied to user profiles.

But in comparison to other platforms, LinkedIn used to be extremely limited with their advertising options. In 2019, that has changed and will continue to change adding more freedom and options for advertisers.

Advertisers run ads on LinkedIn to generate leads, nurture prospects, drive sales, and increase brand awareness. In this regard, 3Q Digital launched its latest completes guide to LinkedIn Advertising – that walks practitioners through best practices at every step of the way.

2019 Complete Guide to LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn Account Structure

LinkedIn Account Structure

The Content of the “2019 Complete Guide to LinkedIn Advertising”:

  • Introduction
  • Tracking
    • Insights Tag
    • Event-Specific Pixel for Conversion Tracking
    • Creating a Conversion
      • Adding Conversions to a Campaign
      • Measuring Conversion Performance
  • Account Structure
    • Organization
      • Campaign Groups
      • Campaigns
      • Ad Naming
    • Ad Products & Ad Units
      • Sponsored Content Ads
      • Text Ads
      • Sponsored InMail
      • Dynamic Ads
  • Keys to Success
    • Budgeting & Bidding
      • Matching Bid Strategies
      • How to Win with Bidding
    • Audiences
      • Audience Types
      • Audience Building
      • Audience Expansion
      • Audience Size
      • Audience Targeting Best Practices
      • Campaign and Audience Segmentation
    • ABM & Nurture Campaigns
    • Pipeline Nurturing & Retention
    • Creative
      • Best Practices by Unit Type
    • Content is King
  • Sustained Growth & Best Practices
    • Audience Optimization
    • Bid & Budget Optimization
    • Testing Methodology
    • Competitor Analysis
    • LinkedIn Audience Network Expansion
  • Conclusion
  • About the Authors
  • About 3Q Digital

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  • 52 Pages


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