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A compiled list of 50 social media best practices will support marketers by tips for every aspect of social media in business, from listening and engagement to publishing and advertising.

Read these 50 tips, think about how you can personalize them for your unique business goals and customers:

Listening and Analytics Best Practices:

  1. Research where people are talking about you.
  2. Identify industry influencers.
  3. Listen for social selling opportunities.
  4. Keep an eye out for the non-direct brand.
  5. Connect socially to the broader business.
  6. Create categories to organize mentions.
  7. Draft analytics reports helping shape future marketing endeavors.
  8. Be a customer-focused, not a channel focused.
  9. Automate what you can, but keep the human element.
  10. Draw meaningful conclusions about your customers from sentiment analysis.

Best Practices for Engaging Your Community:

  1. Empower employees to be social brand advocates.
  2. Put share buttons in strategic places.
  3. Humanize the brand.
  4. Grow your audience the right way.
  5. Be mindful of oversharing.
  6. Don’t always feel compelled to jump in.
  7. Aim for transparency.
  8. Help your customers become experts.
  9. Engage intelligently with positive feedback.
  10. Deal with negative feedback swiftly and skillfully.

Publishing and Content Creation Best Practices:

  1. Respect the rules of each channel.
  2. Have a publishing strategy, not a channel strategy.
  3. Line up approval processes.
  4. Make every social Call-t0-Action mobile friendly.
  5. Publish during nights and weekends.
  6. Test ideas for new marketing campaigns.
  7. Publish according to your own data.
  8. Create a social calendar that syncs with other marketing campaigns
  9. Use tracking URLs.
  10. Embrace the power of 1-to-1 interactions.

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Advertising on Social Media Best Practices:

  1. Set your advertising goals first.
  2. Create daily and lifetime budgets for your campaigns.
  3. Fit your social campaigns in the context of other advertising initiatives.
  4. Know your options.
  5. Get smarter about targeting, whether you’re B2B or B2C.
  6. Test to improve targeting and performance.
  7. Cast a sufficiently wide net when targeting.
  8. Don’t forget the time of day and schedule.
  9. Agree on the right KPIs and metrics.
  10. Don’t just set it and forget it.

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Measuring Social Success Best Practices:

  1. Choose your own goal.
  2. Only measure what adds value.
  3. Go beyond vanity metrics.
  4. Measure social’s impact on email subscriber growth.
  5. Track service improvements from social.
  6. Gain insights about favorite products and services.
  7. Create a central dashboard.
  8. Define your ROI.
  9. Stay flexible and social.
  10. Consider every available measurement tool.

50 Social Media Best Practices Tips Provided by Salesforce

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