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Three Simple Steps to Start Turning Your Social Followers Into Customers | Hootsuite


How to turn social media followers into customers? I guess this is a question, many have hoped the answer to, which is why you’re researching and reading this article now,

we’ll start with a few facts of the matter first:

  • E-commerce is not social commerce.
  • Social selling is not social commerce.

E-commerce describes shopping done through a website or specialized branded app.

and by definition, social commerce enables customers to make purchases while using social media.

Social selling is the practice of fostering relationships on social media to expand your pool of potential customers.

However, despite it being social commerce or e-commerce, the end goal here is to learn how to turn social media followers into customers, right?

We are here to tell you the ways, just keep on reading!

How to Turn Social Media Followers into Customers:

  • Improve the buyer’s journey and Remove Moments of Friction:

The buyer’s journey, often known as the path to purchase, is a road map for getting there.

Off-network trade has several bumps in the road along this route. From a social media post, a customer must first click into the company bio before clicking a link that directs them to a website where they must follow instructions to make a purchase.

Any of these actions may exhaust potential clients and have a significant, unfavorable impact on conversions.

The buyer’s journey is impacted by social commerce at every level, from awareness to advocacy, and it serves as a thread to connect effective participation with the buying process.

The brand benefits from the consumer’s ongoing engagement, while the customer benefits from quick customer service, effective assistance, and a simple checkout procedure.

How to Turn Social Media Followers Into Customers: 3 ways

Tap Into the Influence of Your Audience With User Generated Content:

The majority of the time, consumers aren’t passively reading social media and randomly clicking “purchase now” on the first item that gets their attention.

When it comes to conversions, brands still need to put in the work, and this is where user-generated content may be useful.

To learn more about UGC (User generated content), please download the guide.

Keep Your Audience Engaged and Measure Your Success:

You must go beyond counting likes, comments, shares, or even sales in order to forge long-lasting connections and promote social commerce success. Building genuine relationships with your present and potential clients is the key to a long-term growth strategy.

  • Building lasting relationships with messaging:

A successful social commerce is built is the relationship companies build with audience and the level of communication provided

Eight Tips for Mastering Social Commerce:

1. Make purchasing easy

2. Provide lots of detail

3. Test low and high price points

4. Sharpen your accounts

5. Humanize your marketing

6. Use UGC to drive conversions and engagement

7. Test and refine

8. Plan for the future

All these tips and steps are discussed in detail in the guide, please download it to know more.

How to Turn Social Media Followers Into Customers: 3 ways

The Table of Contents of “Three Simple Steps To Start Turning Your Social Followers into Customers” Guide:

  • What is social commerce?
  • Four simple ways social commerce helps grow your business
  • Three simple steps to start turning your audience into customers today
  • Eight tips for mastering social commerce

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