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Most parents get their kids’ school supplies list one month before school starts. Buyers start their research and purchase in July. The majority of back to school shoppers make researches on mobile and buy in-store.

So, retailers need to step up their game to compete in the new back-to-school shopping landscape. Read the major tips help you to do so in the upcoming seasons:

  • The research phase is the first and most important step you should do to make shoppers interested in your brand.
  • 3 in 5 of online BTS searches happened on mobile in 2016 and one-third of back to school (BTS) purchases are made on mobile devices. So, it’s essential to use omnichannel to optimize your mobile strategy.
  • Moms are 43% more likely to make mobile purchases than other adults and dads will do 41% of their BTS shopping on mobile too. So, you need to understand your audience activities and put your campaign where your audience exists.
  • Shoppers watch a lot of videos. So, design, integrate, repeat and unified campaigns across display channels.
  • 84% of parents said that they won’t buy BTS items online without free delivery. So, don’t ignore the cost for shipping factor.
  • Women aged 25-44 years with kids are doing most of their searching online. So, be aware of the most used search keywords and key phrases to optimize your website.

Back to School Strategy Guide-Quantcast


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