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How do we plan and execute, measure and analyze our digital marketing campaigns?

That’s an impossible question to answer with a single solution.

Creating your marketing strategy is your first challenge. Your second is drawing up your marketing plan.

This eBook will show you how to determine your goals, find your voice, target demographics, analyze your competitors, and how to launch successful marketing campaigns.

The recent Talkwalker eBook will teach you how to report on last year, choose your targets, set your KPIs, and monitor the results. Simply, it’s packed full of practical and actionable steps, templates, checklists, and real-life examples.

The Five Steps to Creating Your Digital Marketing Plan:

  1. Reporting on last year’s marketing plan
  2. Generating ideas
  3. Setting your goals
  4. Choosing your strategies
  5. Planning next year’s marketing plan

Download the full eBook and dig deeper into each of these steps and much more…

Digital Marketing Strategy Guide -Talkwalker - How to plan and execute, measure and analyze digital marketing campaigns actionable steps, templates, checklists, and real-life examples - SWOT Analysis

The Old School of Marketing – SWOT Analysis

The Content of the “6 Digital Marketing Strategy Guide for 2019”:

  • Introduction
  • From marketing strategy to marketing plan – your complete guide
    • What is a marketing strategy?
    • Why do you need a marketing strategy?
    • Developing your marketing strategy
    • Presenting your marketing strategy
    • Marketing strategy => marketing plan in 5 steps
  • Campaign Management Formula
    • Top Line KPIs
    • Overall Buzz
    • Share of Discussion
    • Analyzing the Reaction
    • Influencer Impact
    • Global View
    • Digging deeper into demographics
    • Campaign Impact
    • Business Impact
    • General Points to Keep in Mind
  • Managing Your Social Media Campaign Using Social Listening Plan
    • Get Your Timing Right
    • Choose the Best Products to Feature Monitor
    • Test and Monitor new Strategies on Social
    • Target Campaigns by Device Measure
    • Track Social Campaign ROI – Beyond Google Analytics
  • How to create a social media report
    • Why do I need to do a social media report?
    • 7 steps to creating social media reports
    • Social media reports
    • Choosing a social media reporting tool
    • Download social media report template
    • Takeaway

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  • 76 Pages


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Founded in 2009, Talkwalker is a listening and analytics company; empowering over 2,000 brands and agencies to optimize the impact of their communication efforts. Talkwalker provides companies with an easy-to-use platform to protect, measure and promote their brand worldwide, across all communication channels.The Talkwalker's state-of-the-art social media analytics platform utilizes AI-powered technology to monitor and analyze online conversations in real-time across all social networks, news websites, blogs and forums over 185 languages.

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