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Within the numerous messages that customers receive every day, providing an outstanding customer experience is very essential and personalization is a core part in achieving this goal.

Dynamic creative— also known as personalized ads—is any creative ad that changes automatically based on the users’ information, whether it’s related to his or her location or specific behavior such as recent product views or purchase history. Such kind of ads helps advertisers automatically deliver high-performing combinations of their creative assets to their users.

This guide outlines how dynamic creative works and also lists six dynamic creative best practices that advertisers can apply to drive more users to the “buy” button.

Things You Need to Know About Dynamic Creative:

  • Dynamic creative display ads are customized for users based on products they’ve shown interest in.
  • Dynamic ads are built in the real-time when an ad request is sent to an ad server.
  • To run dynamic creative ads, you must have a product feed including basic elements (e.g product ID or SKU number, product title, image link, brief description, etc.)
  • There are five ad sizes that account for nearly 80% of all ad impressions.
Ad Sizes That Account for Roughly 80% of All Ad Impressions

Five Ad Sizes That Account for Roughly 80% of All Ad Impressions

Content of the “Dynamic Creative” Guide:

  • What’s in This Guide
  • How Dynamic Creative Actually Works
  • Dynamic Creative Ad Types
  • Dynamic Creative Best Practices

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