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Consumer Behavior

Going direct to consumer means cutting out the middlemen and selling products and services directly to consumers. To some, this can be as simple as setting up as a seller on Amazon marketplace. Find out in this guide how to effectively implement a direct to consumer model, using consumer data as a starting point.
Consumers have never had more control over brand relationships and purchase journeys than they do today.
With more time than ever being spent online, and on a wider range of devices and platforms, they’re spoiled for choice. There’s now a growing need for brands to deliver better quality and more tailored marketing – not only in order to reach their target consumers but to avoid wasting spend on the wrong channels, putting their efforts and spend where it actually counts.

-So how can they go about this? To reach consumers effectively in 2019, it’s up to brands to meet their expectations, both in terms of product quality and innovation, as well as the brand-consumer relationship and commerce experience.

This definitive guide, will help you to better understand, what is the behavior of today’s consumer?

  • Free delivery would mostly increase buying products for millennial consumers with a rate of 55%, compared to 71% of baby boomers.
  • Search engines are the main online source of products and brands information by surveyed millennials with a rate of 51%, compared to 60% of surveyed baby boomers.
  • 29% say researching or finding products to buy is their main reason for using social media, and 25% follow brands they’re thinking of buying something from.
Online sources mainly used when you are actively looking for more information about brands, products, or services

A Figure Shows The Online Sources of Brands, Products, and Services Information, 2019.

The Content of “Direct to Consumer: Making E-Commerce Work in 2019; The Complete Guides”:

  • Introduction
    • What do we know about today’s consumers?
    • What does this tell us?
  • Why brands are going direct to consumer?
    • Then vs. now
    • The benefits and challenges
    • Insight in practice: Nike
  • The changing role of consumer insight
    • Consumer data and DTC
    • Personalization at scale
    • Persona spotlight: millennials vs. baby boomers
  • Making direct to consumer work
    • Steps to going direct
    • Insight in practice: Casper
    • The outlook in 2019 and beyond
  • Conclusion

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