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Email Marketing

Email is an effective marketing channel that has been through more cycles than most. We can say that it has gone from thriving to being claimed “dead” and then brought back to life again.

We can say that there is no replacement for email, most importantly, email is not owned or dependent on any platform.

Keep on reading this eCommerce email success guide for more information.

How to Measure Success:

As said by Peter Drucker “What gets measured, gets managed”. There is no way to create a profitable email program without being able to measure the effectiveness of everything you create and send.

That is the reason the first step of eCommerce email domination is to strategically answer 2 questions: what do you need to measure, and how can you accurately track these metrics?

Bear in mind that, the platform you choose will definitely affect your ability to do a lot of things, most importantly, it will affect what you’re able to measure easily.

The Marketing Calendar:

Based on the eCommerce email success guide, one of your secret weapons for email domination is something many brands choose to live without which is a unified marketing calendar.

That means if your company skips this step, it is missing out on a big step. You should bear in mind creating a marketing calendar for this year rather than just running campaigns.

Make sure to follow these steps when creating a marketing calendar:

  • Sit down with leaders from all key areas of our business to plan for every notable even happening during the year.
  • Departments should be on the same page about what is planned month to month.
  • If things change, like holidays, special promos, product releases, press events, or any other notable company events the public is interested in, you adjust your marketing calendar.
  • If an email is going out, it should be on the calendar.
  • If a sale is running, it should be on the calendar as well.

Make sure to download the full version of the eCommerce email success guide here.

The Table of Content of  “The Ultimate Guide To eCommerce Email Success”:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: How to measure success
  • Chapter 3: Promotional emails
  • Chapter 4: Automated sequences
  • Chapter 5: Segmentation
  • Chapter 6: Take actions
  • Bonus

Number of Pages:

  • 65 pages


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