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Email Marketing

Email marketing is highly important and it helps you with building relationships with leads, prospects, and current customers. Going through this guide, we’ll know how we can use email marketing to grow our business.

Without further ado, let’s go through the definitive guide of email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

A question that should be asked is what is the thing that makes email marketing more effective than SEO and social media? The #1 thing is that you have a direct line to your audience.

Based on the email marketing definitive guide, email marketing is the digital marketing practice of communicating with leads and customers with email.

The Email Marketing Definitive Guide 2021 | DMC

However, with new platforms like TikTok and Linked In Live on the rise, does old-school email still work? the answer is in the guide, just keep on reading…

Email Marketing’s ROI:

Let’s see why email marketing still works perfectly awesome! The average email subscriber is worth $48.87

The Email Marketing Definitive Guide 2021 | DMC

On the other side, email marketing’s ROI is 42:1

The Email Marketing Definitive Guide 2021 | DMC

Moreover, this super high ROI is probably why 86% of marketers consider email “important” or “very important”. According to the email marketing definitive guide, this chart shows the importance of email marketing to organizations

The Email Marketing Definitive Guide 2021 | DMC

Download the email marketing definitive guide to get a closer look at the importance of email marketing and how to take advantage of it!

The Table of Content of “Email Marketing: The Definitive Guide”

  • Chapter 1: Email marketing fundamentals
  • Chapter 2: How to build your email list
  • Chapter 3: Email campaign templates
  • Chapter 4: How to get super high open rates
  • Chapter 5: How to improve email deliverability
  • Chapter 6: Email marketing software
  • Chapter 7: Marketing automation 101
  • Bonus Chapter: Advanced email marketing strategies

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