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The holiday shopping season is in full swing. Every shopper is available this season. Retailers who win who are offering consumers frictionless, personalized experiences at all moments of the shopping journey, not just peak shopping days. Read the Think With Google’s Holiday Readiness Guide, focuses on the Canadian market, and be one of the winner retailers honed with insights on holiday trends and best practices.

Top Tips Mentioned in the Holiday Readiness Guide:

  • Start Earlier: 26% of Canadian shoppers get most of their shopping done early in the holiday season.
  • Be Helpful: 32% of smartphone users will immediately go to another company’s mobile site or app if a company’s mobile site or app doesn’t satisfy their needs.
  • Connect Online to Offline: 65% of Canadian holiday shoppers turned to online search prior to going in-store.
The Use of Mobile Searches in Canada During the Holiday Shopping Season

The Use of Mobile Searches in Canada During the Holiday Shopping Season

Content of “The Holiday Readiness Guide“:

  • Holiday Retail Overview.
  • Start Earlier.
  • Be Helpful.
  • Connect Online to Offline.
  • Keep the Lights on.
  • Create the Best.
  • Customer Experience.
  • Holiday Retail Calendar.

Number of Pages:

  • 17 Pages.


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