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How to Generate Your First 20,000 Followers on Instagram | Ross Simmonds

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Instagram is a growing social media channel that lets individuals and businesses alike expand their brand. it’s really hard to gain huge followers on Instagram without some hard work Unless you’re famous.

Follow the below steps to create content that drives engagement and attract more attention of followers quickly:

  • Use a clear “Call-to-Actions” and include them in your visuals and in the caption.
  • Ask your followers to “Tag their loved ones” or “The person who inspires them”.
  • Improve your captions in both posts and comments by commenting on your own post with hashtags.
  • Use hashtags because they help organize and categorize images and video content, which aids in the process of content discovery.
  • Build relationships with the people behind large accounts and ask them to give “shout outs” to your account.
  • Understand human behavior and psychology because people engage with posts that make them laugh and posts that make them feel good about themselves.

How to Generate Your First 20,000 Followers on Instagram | Ross Simmonds 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Ross Simmonds

Ross Simmonds is the founder of Hustle & Grind (E-commerce store for entrepreneurs) and Crate (content marketing software). He, through his firm holding his name, offers content marketing services to brands and startups around the world. He uses his own website to share his thoughts on marketing, business, life and things that inspire me.

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