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Infographic: Tips & Tricks to Avoid a Halloween Marketing Horror Story | Campaigner

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According to the National Retail Federation, consumers expected to spend a total of $9 billion on the 2018 Halloween making it the second highest Halloween spending seen post-recession. Marketers are racing to get the most of sales they can during this season.

Cast through the noise by following these Campaigner tips which can tackle spooky challenges that accompany this holiday and avoid a Halloween horror story.

Key Tips to Avoid a Halloween Marketing Horror Story

  • Early Birds Gets the Worm: Start planning for your marketing strategy early with creative themes, seasonal merchandise and services.
  • Get Rid of Tricks: The promotions have a magic effect so instead of playing tricks offer special discounts and coupons unique to the Halloween season.
  • Avoid the Spooky Spam Filter: Keep your emails from hiding in the spam filter by eliminating unnecessary links, graphics and trigger words (e.g. cheap, opportunity, etc.).
  • Refresh & Clean Your Subscriber Lists: Remove any bounces from your email list and avoid using solid email lists to improve email metrics and avoid dead ends for your emails.
  • Grammar Mistakes Can Kill Your Efforts: Make sure to proofread for spelling and punctuation before sending an email as 33% of marketers found spelling and grammar mistakes to be their biggest fright in email marketing.
tips to boost your sales and improve your Halloween email marketing strategy and avoid a Halloween marketing horror story

Infographic: Tips & Tricks to Avoid a Halloween Email Marketing Horror Story


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