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Whether a consumer is viewing online ads, browsing a website or social media page, or reading an email, companies are recognizing the need to treat customers as individuals and cater to their needs rather than rely on impersonal mass messages to make sales.

A Brief Overview of How to Do Personalization Right:

  • Use new personalization strategies such as using relevant landing pages.
  • Try to understand the intent of the visitor in the current session to steering the visitor to the products they are most likely to purchase.
  • Using Omnichannel is essential as it takes visitor experiences one step further. It presents a single view of the business to each visitor, regardless of the channels they decide to use.
  • When accessing a site using a smartphone, as users are more likely to scroll there, so present products in a skyscraper widget rather than landscape because that makes this potential problem disappear.
  • To drive the strategies that deliver the most relevant product recommendations, there are over 100 algorithms that help determine what a visitor will be most likely to purchase.
A Guide to Intelligent Personalization: An Example of Category Pages and Product Listing Pages Used by Cooksongold

An Example of Category Pages and Product Listing Pages Used by Cooksongold

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The Table of Content of “The Guide to Intelligent Personalization“:

  • Introduction: Why personalize
  • Part 1: New personalization strategies
  • Part 2: Personalizing product and basket pages
  • Part 3: Personalizing landing pages and emails

Number of Pages:

  • 36 Pages


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