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The average salesperson spends almost one-third of their day selling, the other 66% of the time is mostly eaten up by reporting tasks, and research.

This guide provides the best advice for salespeople in order to improve collaboration and productivity. Read on to find out how you can maximize the time spent selling and focus on what matters most which is connecting with your target customers.

Secret #1: Start Off Your Day Smart

Successful salespeople show the day who’s the boss and don’t let the day happen to them.

If you want to close more deals and beat your quota you have to map out exactly where you want your day to take you, on order to do so, you have to think of it as your trail to achieve your daily goals from the first small steps you take when you wake up to wrapping up an uber-productive afternoon.

“You’ll never waste more time than attempting a task that is neither urgent nor interesting, even if it’s a top ‘priority.’ And you’ll never do anything as well as something that you’re actually interested in doing. Trust me on this one. … Follow your energy.” Jason Jordan, Partner At Vantage Point Performance

Here are some tips to bear in mind:

  • The best way to stay alert and efficient is to take a break every 1.5 hours. It is proven that most people can only concentrate for 90 minutes on a given task before their mind begins to wander and productivity wanes, also underperforming salespeople are 1.5x more likely than high performs to report a lack of downtime in an average week.
  • Your noonday meal is actually prime relation-ship building time, therefore, you can use lunch as a chance to meet with a co-worker you don’t usually see or even a client. You will be surprised with the ideas and the inspiration you get from them.

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Stay Productive All the Time:

It is highly important to stay productive on the go, you shouldn’t leave your sales behind when you hit the trail. It is essential to have the mobile tools you need and should have to access information at the moment, therefore, you can work anywhere and from any device.

The 5 Productivity Secrets of Successful Salespeople Guide | Salesforce 1 | Digital Marketing Community

As reported, 72% of high-performing salespeople mention that being able to run sales activities on their phones is important to their sales process.

Besides, the best salespeople know how to configure their smartphone and their day, that way they can optimize every minute and every customer interaction.

Nowadays. salespeople can stay productive for days and they don’t have to open their laptops.

How to better manage email on the go?

  • Make sure to dictate messages with increasingly accurate voice-to-text.
  • Get related customer data from your CRM.
  • Streamline meeting scheduling.
  • Additionally, automatically log emails related to specific opportunities.

Bear in mind that mobile CRM apps now tap into virtually everything which is related to the sales process and that allows you to intelligently manage opportunities and leads all the way through closing a deal.

The Table of Content of “The 5 Productivity Secrets of Successful Salespeople Guide”:

  • Introduction
  • Secret 1: Start your day off smart – map out your path to success
  • Secret 2: Stay productive on the go
  • Secret 3: Conquer small but mighty time wasters
  • Secret 4: Use data insights to prioritize next steps
  • Secret 5; Automate as much as possible
  • Conclusion

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