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The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting | AdvertiseMint

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Facebook ad targeting allows marketers to carefully select the audience. It’s a powerful way for Facebook advertisers to hyper-target very specific groups, but Ad targeting can also be overwhelming because there are so many options to choose from.

This infographic brings clarity to the ad targeting choices by breaking them down into 5 categories:

1. Demographics: Targeting options include age, gender, interest, and language.
2. Connections: Targeting options include people who liked a brand’s Facebook page or app, as well as the friends of those high-interest persons.
3. Interest: Targeting options include people who are interested in a brand, other targeting options are categories such as movies, music, sports, games, shopping, etc.
4. Custom audiences: With this option, an advertiser can upload a customer contact list to target existing customers who are also Facebook users.
5. Behavior: Targeting options include people with particular behaviors, such as automotive purchase, mobile or financial behaviors, travel patterns, etc.

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The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting | By AdvertiseMint


AdvertiseMint is a digital advertising agency that specializes in Facebook and Instagram advertising. Based in Hollywood, the AdvertiseMint team brings a fast-paced approach to managing Facebook ad campaigns while focusing on ROI. Their goal is to be the very best, and AdvertiseMint accomplish this through continuous training, using the latest in Facebook ad technology, and ensuring their focus is always on the goals for each campaign.


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