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The Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing by Marketo will teach you the principles of email marketing in our world today. Moreover, you will discover advanced tactics to make use of marketing automation programs to engage with potential buyers and eventually increase your ROI.

The norm is that consumers are constantly overwhelmed with information and advertising. This, along with less attention spans and modern buying habits, drives consumers to dodge marketing communications that don’t feel relevant to them.

The future is engagement marketing

Even though Email is a direct channel to reach customers, Service Providers who cannot deliver the detailed metrics you need to engage and convert subscribers into buyers, may be hurting rather than helping you. As an email marketer, the focus is on growing your list of engaged subscribers. Yet, with irrelevant emails, you will probably lose up to 30% of subscribers each year.

A strong email marketing strategy is a critical line of contact with your buyers. Email marketing enables you to craft a compelling narrative, allowing you to connect with customers in a personalized and engaging way. Developing this relationship requires care and consistency in order to establish your brand as a familiar and welcome presence in your customers’ inbox.

Benchmark Email Marketing: The Percentage of Inactive Email List | Definitive Guide to Email Marketing by Marketo

As marketing technology evolves, metrics become more robust. A perfectly written copy is only as good as the revenue it produces. look for more than click, bounce, sent, and open rate. Dig deep into advanced metrics that will let you benefit from a rewarding email marketing strategy, like engagement and marketing ROI.

The Contents of “The Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing”:

  • Why Should I Read the Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing?
  • What is Engaging Email?
  • Trusted
  • Always Relevant
  • Conversations, Not Campaigns
  • Coordinated Across Channels
  • Strategic – The New Metrics for Email
  • Graduating from ESP to Marketing Automation
  • Appendix: Email Marketing Experts
  • Appendix: Reference Links

Number of Pages:

  • 156 Pages.


  • Free.


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